Here you can explore the many side activities that characterize life in an agricultural enterprise.

This is not a real laboratory, but an everyday activity carried out with love and constancy. Lustrinu personally takes care of all the farm animals and loves to be accompanied by nieces and nephews. All the hosts of, in particular children are fixed stop listening to his anecdotes, making acquaintance with all the animals and also becoming their grandchildren.

The famous strangozzi grandmother Catherine. This is certainly the most interesting laboratory where the Lustrinu's wife, at the "tender" age of 79 years, kneads and stretches out with his hands the incomparable homemade pasta. All of his family are thrilled strangozzi and she, not being jealous at all, with loving kindness taught her foolproof recommending precise doses.

Mrs. Donatella loves spoil the whole family cooking delicious dishes, from the simplest to the most elaborate, not forgetting the ancient art of sourdough bread, home made and baked in the oven. Donatella loves to share his passion with the guests of allowing them to participate actively in the preparation of bread, rolls, biscuits and cakes.

Tree fruit jam to spread on bread. Agnese, daughter of Donatella, newly graduated and although not actively involved in the farm, loves to engage in the preparation of delicious fresh fruit jams. The guests are invited and involved in the laboratory from Agnese jam.

A workshop is available almost all year that goes from planting to pruning garden plants and vegetables. This laboratory is dealing Stovali Maximus, eldest son of Lustrinu, always fond of botany and fortunately has an amazing green thumb. Having plenty of free time he likes to share it with this activity guests interested in hands-on seed, seedling, plant.

Collection of wine grapes and olives to make olive oil. These two laboratories that only last a few days during the current season, however, are very interesting and exciting as the whole family works to the collection and production of wine and oil. A moment of aggregation goliardic a must!!!